GRATIS coaching gesprek

Vul jouw naam en emailadres in en laat je zo door Anja contacteren om een gratis coaching gesprek in te plannen en jou te laten zien welke stappen je kan nemen om als persoon of ondernemer te groeien!

Wat we doen

Transformation Management

Transformation Management is the support provided to organisations when faced with major changes and the challenges that often go along. Typical examples are mergers & acquisitions, a new leadership team, the definition of a new mission & vision, digitalisation or the desire to define a new company culture and values.

Transition support is required to manage the impact of such changes on the people of the organisation and the way they work. 

When I provide transition support to my clients I will look into the reasons of the changes, prepare a storyline and plan the communications throughout the organisation. I will often prepare training plans to teach people new skills and provide the necessary coaching to adopt new working methods or leadership styles. All that is necessary to ensure people accept the new situation.

Training & Workshops

For me trainings should always be an ‘embodied’ experience more than an academic study. This is why the trainings organized for clients are custom made and adapted to the audience. My workshops are very interactive and people are challenged to actively partipate and learn by doing. Whether I train clients on business, technical or human skills, participants will be able to apply on the job what they learned during the training.


Training people is one thing but sometimes people ask for continued support when dealing with a specific issue or when acquiring new skills. Here’s where coaching comes in. I coach individuals and groups and will always make sure people feel safe to express what is relevant for them. Trust is important as I will develop a more personal relationship with my coachees who may want to discuss business topics but often also bring personal themes to the table.


My clients all have 1 thing in common: they want to grow and change specific things about their lives. I look at my clients in a holistic way and believe that all people have a mental, emotional and physical body. I believe that balancing mind, heart and body are important to foster spiritual growth.  I work with my clients to unlock their potential and activate the self-healing capacity of their cells to improve their quality of life or grow in a specific area. My work is often traumarelated and I’m a big believer of the polyvagal theory as a way to improve a person’s health.