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Reporting to the COO I was a senior change manager responsible for a national (5 distribution centers + 200 mail centers) program “People at the core” that had the objective of improving the well-being of bPost employees.

Around 50 people (project and change managers) worked under this program who carried out certain initiatives but were co-ordinated by me to report on progress to the executive team.


After evaluating whether the organization was ready for the changes, I defined the change approach and prepared a detailed change action plan, I determined the change methodology and delivered the change plan, did an evaluation of the resistance of the senior management and ensured sponsorship of the executive committee and the trade unions.

Because of my experience in operations and business management, I was closely involved in working out the change actions for 4 major projects: recruitment & retention, operational planning, organization 2020 and workload distribution. For the implementation of these projects in the field, I led a team of 15 coaches and was the SPOC when problems occurred during the implementation or when the changes were not carried out by middle management.

I worked closely with the communications department to ensure that national communications were translated to the different target audiences in a language that could be understood by employees in post offices and sorting centers. My operational knowledge and my entrepreneurial spirit have certainly made a difference in the field because people saw me as one of them instead of a change consultant.


Concrete achievements: I implemented ‘People at the core’ throughout Belgium (incl. Communication, workshops, training, coaching, best practices) across different layers of the organization (from postman to board members) and with my team we ensured that the new organization 2020 was implemented in all post offices and sorting centers. I gave training and coaching in the field of leadership and created a platform of change ambassadors / coaches to provide support for the implementation in the field for major changes of bPost in the future.


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