Together further.

As I felt a strong need to connect with organisations who share my values and beliefs,
I established partnerships with the following companies:


AgapeBelgium, West-Flanders

AgapeBelgium is centre with a long track record in body and experiential psychotherapeutic work. AgapeBelgium offers individual and group therapy, has an academic portfolio of therapeutic trainings and shares ancient wisdom through ceremony and rituals. 

For more information on the centre and its people:


The Bayard Partnership, Louvain

The Bayard Partnership is a multi-disciplinary group practice focused on providing freelance services to clients in the area of Change Management, Program Management, SME Adivsory & Coaching as well as Enterprise Architecture & ICT System Design. The Bayard Partnership believes that excellence can be achieved by engaging people that are one hundred percent committed to whatever they are doing, both intellectually and emotionally.

For more information on the group practice and its people: