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Accelerating the path towards conscious living & entrepreneurship.

As I feel a strong need to connect with like-minded organisations,
I establish partnerships with companies who share the same beliefs
and focus on complementary skills and insights.


Adding the body to the therapeutic equation

AgapeBelgium, West-Flanders

AgapeBelgium is a centre with a long track record in body and experiential psychotherapeutic work. AgapeBelgium offers individual and group therapy, has an academic portfolio of therapeutic trainings and shares ancient wisdom through ceremony and rituals. 

For more information on the centre and its people:

Natural supplements to support the body

Orthomensa, Kinrooi

The partnership with Orthomensa originates from our shared vision on health. We look at a person from a holistic point of view, which means the balance between the mental, physical and emotional body is crucial in maintaining equilibrium and lasting change. It’s this key belief that forms the basis of all the treatments we propose to our clients.

Christine, a molecular physicist herself, understands the strength of traditional medicine, but also its shortcomings. Through a detailled blood analyses and natural supplements, she makes sure the body receives enough support in healing from stress and trauma.

Together with Christine, we offer treatment processes to our clients in order to work through their physical or emotional complaints in the best way possible.

For more information on orthomolecular medicine and nutritional supplementation:

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