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Notre Abri, Uccle 



Reporting to the shareholders, I was responsible for transition to the new structure of the institute that was set up to be able to work more strategically.

I gave my advice about the new operating model and linked it with the existing skills and functions to prepare for implementation and to arrive at obtain the organization chart.


I first consulted with the managing director about the specific change activities that were needed to ensure that the new structure would be supported by the organization, subsequently I developed the communication plan

I then made specific agreements with the executive committee to implement the new structure. I looked at the impact on existing activities and defined the functions and profiles that were needed to ensure that that the continuity of the activities was guaranteed during the transition phase. Together with the directors and their teams, I prepared a concrete transition plan for the next 18 months to ensure that the existing knowledge was guaranteed within the organization. I also created new job descriptions and I was involved in the selection of new profiles, including the new Managing Director.


I worked out concrete communications throughout the process and organized frequent consultations with the employees to inform them from the start and to involve them in the decisions.

In this way the resistance was lower, which had a positive impact on the duration of the implementation phase.


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